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    is the reactor, the submissive one. While some external changes have happened, two major internal flaws have existed in the feminist movement. It was beyond their control for they

    were the unwitting victims of their unconscious process. C20: from Spanish: male; see machismo macho (m to) adj.,.,. Playmates: Men and women will feel about each other as they do about their best friends of the same sex. Their deeper selves, being unconscious, have not really changed, while their conscious, liberated selves are filled with wonderful, attractive ideas about relating. The result of this actor/reactor imbalance is a woman who feels victimized and enraged, and a man who is confused, surprised and guilty I never knew she felt that way. And, while the polarities between men and women seem porno gay en las duchas so deep that many are tempted to call them genetic, they are indeed conditioned and therefore amenable to change. And thus, these distorted polarities are played out in ever larger arenas of life. Once non-defensive, men will no longer compulsively disconnect and externalize and exploit nature for their own need to validate their masculinity. His psyche exaggerates aggression, assertion, autonomy and sexuality, with a resulting loss of subjectivity. The "needs" each look to the other to fill are unfillable and cannot lead to anything but frustration. The result is a form of double-binding more distressing and impossible to untangle than traditional relating. Both feel that the other is inadequate or intentionally withholding. Most of us havent played out this extreme form of romance since our teenage years, or since our first few destructive relationships. Along with the emergence of the new male/female relationship will come a different "feel" about life that is less destructive to the environment as well as to each other and themselves. The macho males defenses cause him to misperceive the world and relate in distrustful, negative ways, endlessly protecting and defending himself. I call this deeply embedded polarization of the classic male and classic female personalities the "gender unconscious." In my practice as a psychotherapist I see otherwise intelligent, successful, advanced, "liberated" and "enlightened" men and women locked in agonizing relationships because of this lethal poison. Having or characterized by machismo. A major illusion of contemporary "liberation" philosophies is the belief that a change in attitudes and an awareness about sexism will somehow create the best of both worlds the excitement of the old superimposed on the enlightenment of the new. But to sustain that, realities must be denied and the obvious must be continually overlooked.

    Male animal or plan" heavy role playing is required to maintain the fiction until the relationship crumbles of its own unsupported weight. The greater the initial romantic euphoria. Born to women choosing to be single parents. Repressed aggression compliant, in the new malefemale relationship sex will be a reflection of the relationship itself and so may vary vastly from one day to the next and from one couple to the next.

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    And creating more intricately defensive patterns than before. Having a 300 percent higher suicide rate and suffering in childhood from psychological and physiological disorders at a higher rate than girls. Then, the sense of who they are as a man or as a woman. The problem is that attitude change can happen overnight real growth cant. THE romantic addiction, experienced as" deep love is as predictable and inevitably destructive as any narcotic.

    # EnExclusiva #Estreno letra Lo Mas Nuevo 2018.They will be able to resolve conflict without guilt or blame by looking with good will at the dynamic between them that created the tension.First, it was fueled by anger at men and thus was actually grounded in traditional female process, including feelings of victimization, and raging blame.