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    recording. His channel has been the most subscribed one on YouTube and is also the most viewed channel of all time. The landlord then proceeded to drop a homophobic

    slur. Pewdiepie and his filming buddy were attacked with homophobic slurs after the landlord thought they were having an evening of passionate (and very loud) gay sex. He said that he only films there during the day for a maximum of one hour. What s disgusting is intolerant bigoted * like you. They live a reserved life together in Brighton after establishing an online friendship and falling in love. Looks like everything worked out for the best! Yes, joseph; it s terribly disgusting for people to love one another. Variety (13 February 2017). Ars Technica (14 February 2017). Q A time :D Fridays With PewDiePie (900th Video!) story behind «pewdiepie»! . (Photo: Instagram felix Kjellberg Says His Landlord Thought He Was Having pewdiepie Noisy, Gay Fun. Add, there is no Children record found for PewDiePie. Its Official: PewDiePie Becomes The Most Subscribed Channel On YouTube. The Daily Dot (January 18, 2017). ( married, single, in relation or divorce Relationship. PewDiePie Affair(s first Affair to Marzia Bisognin, marzia and PewDiePie were introduced by common friends, met in Italy, fell in love and are living together in Brighton as of now. He has been in a relationship with his girlfriend but has not been known to be with anybody else yet. PewDiePie, latest bio, by using m you agree to our, privacy Policy. However, there are some occasions in which he films in the main room, as some videos require extra space and movement. (name 0 Children, is PewDiePie having any relationship affair?: Yes1 affair, is PewDiePie Gay? I've decided I'm deleting my channel at 50 million. PewDiePie is in a relationship but has never been married. On Twitter, Felix told fans that the landlord mistakenly thought he was having some loud gay action with his friend, when he was simply filming a video.

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    As fbombs were thrown around with some doorslamming. Pewdiepie joked that he was definitely qualified for gay adult soundbites. Pewdiepie revealed on Twitter that he was originally going to fight the eviction. Pewdiepie gives a mini tour of his new place. PewDiePie 18 December 2016, pewdiepie then edited in footage of his clash with the landlord on April 21 2016 who can be heard telling the duo to keep the noise muslim down at around. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is the actual name of the online alias PewDiePie. He dropped out of studying Industrial Economics to focus prision on his YouTube career. That room is not soundproofed, felix says he loves his new setup. No 1 Affair 0 Married 0 Children. However, there is no PewDiePie Married record found for.

    Its very possible he could be bisexual or even gay.Only he knows if he is or not unless he shares that with.

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    QnA Fridays With PewDiePie, felix got a notice saying that porque hay gente gay he was being evicted on June 29 for disturbing the peace. Published contents by users are under Creative Commons License. He showed fans his new office. He may be in denial, epic spore creature, mTV News 2 November 2015. Too, pewdiepie told fans that the room office he typically films in has been professionally soundproofed. Pewdiepie shows fans his eviction notice. It s different, but he s gay, gaming King of the Web.